The Art of: Direct Response

Direct Response marketing requires a fulfiller with a specific expertise. Thill has been in the Direct Response industry for over two decades and has handled some of the most successful campaigns in the business. Let us put our expertise to work for you!

Together we can protect the masterpiece you've created

You’ve made a huge investment to take your product straight to the consumer. You’ve written and produced creative, paid for media, and put a lot of capital into manufacturing your product. Not to mention all the typical product launch expenses you’ve incurred for branding, packaging, marketing materials and establishing your presence online.

Don’t leave the future of your company to a fulfillment house that doesn’t have the experience to make your Direct Response campaign successful.

We don’t just ship faster, we ship smarter

Thill has over one million cubic feet of modern facilities in Wisconsin, Georgia and Nevada.

We use a proprietary inventory and warehousing management system that is fully customizable based on your needs. It uses order volumes, inventory levels and SEC codes to determine where the product should ship from and the best shipping method based on pre-determined criteria, such as cost or time in transit. The system also uses historical data to manage inventory levels at each facility. All the information you need can be accessed through our real-time data warehouse online.

Our system and extensive network of distribution centers enables you to ship product smarter, faster and cheaper. Plus, getting product to your customer quickly and efficiently means you won’t lose sales or incur more expenses because customers will be less likely to regret their purchase decision, cancel orders, return product or call customer service.

We embrace change & want to grow with you

Traditional fulfillment companies tend to be brick-and-mortar businesses that expect you to fit within the limitations of their specific model. At Thill, we don’t just pick and pack boxes. Fulfilling your Direct Response campaign is an art.

Thill offers a low cost of entry and ala cart pricing. You can tailor your service package and only pay for what you need, when you need it. We’ll give you creative and flexible solutions that utilize a customized combination of software platforms, modern facilities and professional expertise.

So, whether you have one SKU or 90,000, our veteran staff can make the fulfillment of your product simple, cost effective and proficient.

Our API integration is quick & easy

Thill works with all the popular e-commerce platforms. Our API integration is quick and easy. Even if you need a customized interface, our expert in-house programmers can write, test and implement a fluid process for your software.

Thill empowers you with meaningful information, not just data

You can make educated decisions about media spend and your price modeling, but in Direct Response, you’ll also test multiple creative versions as well as different kit configurations and pricing structures. You’ll try a lot of different options before you establish the best way to reach your ideal customer.

Your campaign needs to be fluid and so does your fulfiller. Thill makes it easy. We can help you navigate the complexity of volume spikes and customize a solution that is tailored to fit the needs and scale of your Direct Response campaign.

Thill also empowers you to effectively manage your operation with meaningful information, not just data. Our real-time analytics give you immediate access to detailed reporting so you can effectively evaluate and manage your business wherever and whenever you want.

Our software suite gives you the versatility and advanced technology you need to maximize your performance by making timely decisions that impact your bottom line. Thill lets you be successful on your terms.

We can save sales by overcoming buyer’s remorse

Direct Response campaigns have to deal with the impersonal nature of conducting business outside of a physical store. Customers love the convenience of shopping from home, but purchasing products with the click of a button can lead to impulsive purchasing decisions, resulting in buyer’s remorse, returns and order cancellations.

Our 125 seat in-house customer service team understands what your customer is experiencing and have extensive training in solution selling. Our representatives are also trained to be experts on your product line, so they can create a superior brand experience for your customers. They know how to alleviate buyer’s remorse, save sales and increase revenues.

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