The Art of: eCommerce Fulfillment

At Thill, we know your eCommerce customer’s needs are always changing and you have to anticipate what’s coming next. We understand it because we’ve been there. We started out as a small family-owned company that grew to become one of the largest fulfillment houses in the US. Thill can help you evaluate your customer’s experience, and determine how our technology can save you time and money, and maximize your eCommerce campaign’s margins.

Fulfillment is a significant part of your customer service experience

Ecommerce and social media are changing the way people shop. Consumers are no longer just purchasing a product. They’re looking for a comprehensive shopping experience, focused on packaging, kit curation, and how they receive shipments.

In today’s market, customers have a lot of online shopping options and you have to find a way to set yourself apart from the competition, manage your online reputation, and convert sales.

Plus, you have to overcome the impersonal nature of conducting business in a virtual space. Customers want the convenience of shopping online, but it comes with a tradeoff. They can’t see, touch, hear or feel your product. There’s no sales person to answer questions. And they’re under no pressure to make a decision.

Instead, today’s customer looks to their peers for guidance or input, and many do extensive research in a product category before making a final purchase. And when things don’t go as expected, they turn to social media to share their experience with others.

Together, we can develop a flexible comprehensive fulfillment solution that keeps your customers happy and coming back for more!

We can give you evolving solutions using the latest technology

We understand how important fulfillment is to the customer service experience. It affects every aspect of your campaign from the time the order is taken to when your customer wants to return or exchange a product. Your customers expect a seamless shopping experience and they now have an immediate feedback loop with exponential reach. Nothing will affect your bottom line more than how you treat your customers.

With each generation, technology will play a larger role in how orders are fulfilled. You will need to utilize new and innovative ways to deliver product more efficiently and quickly while maintaining a margin that makes the business sustainable and profitable.

Thill can help you develop a forward-thinking strategy that uses the latest technology in order and inventory management to get your customers what they need and expect.

Our powerful software suite gives you the versatility and advanced technology you need to be successful on your terms, whether you’re using complex multi-item orders, continuity programs, multi-pay programs or standing orders.

Expert staff that can help you integrate quickly & easily

Thill works with all the popular eCommerce platforms. Our API integration is quick and easy. Even if you need a customized interface, our expert in-house programmers can write, test and implement a fluid process for your software.

Run your business with meaningful information, not just data

Thill empowers you with meaningful information, not just data, to run your business wherever, whenever you want.

Real-time analytics ensure you have immediate access to detailed reporting so you can effectively evaluate how every aspect of your business is affecting your eCommerce campaign.

Thill can support you as you evolve with how people are purchasing products, paying for goods, and experiencing customer service by customizing the services, technology and reporting you need when you need them.

We can help you take your company global

The digital marketplace allows a customer to look beyond borders to find the specific product and shopping experience they’re seeking. As the market becomes more competitive and more companies move into the global marketplace, your business has to figure out how to stay in the game and be successful.

Thill can make it easy for you. Thill can help you navigate the fulfillment challenges that go along with selling in the global arena. We understand the complexities of international shipments, which require a higher level of evaluation of the tradeoff between the speed of service and cost.

Consumers have an expectation that they will receive their product faster for less money. Thill has a robust supply chain, and can deliver your products quickly and efficiently. We also understand the impact of customs, taxes and duties, and country-specific regulations that affect shipping time and costs.

Thill can help you keep pace in a digital landscape that is constantly changing. Let us inspire you with the beauty of technology and meaningful information!

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