Value Added Services by Thill Inc.

As a continuation of Thill Inc.’s Full Spectrum of fulfillment services, Thill provides a wide array of value added services (VAS) to help round-out your outsourced fulfillment solution. Leveraging our experienced fulfillment staff and scalable warehouse locations to perform a variety of activities that complement our core services. Whether you require kitting and assembly services or a national roll out to multiple locations, we have you covered at Thill.

Most of Thill Inc.’s value added services usually occur between the time of receiving a product, actually putting your products away in bins or storage location and before order fulfillment.

Below are a few of Thill Inc.’s value-added services!

Apparel Steaming and Ironing 

Steam machines and irons are used to make sure our apparel clients’ products are packaged crisp and wrinkle-free.

Clothing Folding, Hanging and Poly-bagging

Thill Inc. can steam, fold, and polybag clothing items so clothing is kept neat and clean while in storage and in transit.  We can also add hangtags that give information about the garment’s material and care or just for marketing a brand.

High End Garment Hanging

Higher end apparel is often purchased by retailers and required to be on hangers when a shipment arrives.

Heat Shrinking

Heat shrinking is offered and is an extra level of protection for your products.  Used for literature or other products that need plastic covering to protect.

Gift Wrapping

Want to add a special touch for you customers for the holidays or for birthdays?  Let us know, we would be happy to help.

Product Labeling

Includes everything from package labeling, case labeling, UPC labeling, and re-stickering of your products.

Kit Assembly

Combining different items or products into a single item (example: taking multiple items to create a single gift basket).

Inserting and Collating

Collect and combine (texts, information, or sets of figures) in proper order.

Product Assembly

We are able to fully assemble most any product prior to shipping.

Returns Refurbished

We can clean and repair returned items to “like new” condition.

Product Testing

Making sure all your products function properly upon arrival from customers or prior to shipping to your customers.

The list of value added services above do not include all of our unique services we offer, but they will at least be able to give you an idea of what Thill Inc. can do for you.  We are focused on becoming a “one stop shop” and creating customized solutions for our brand-conscious clients.  The less time our clients spend focused on these services, the more they can focus on growing their brand.

If there is a need you are thinking about that is not listed above, contact us, and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.