Service: Returns Management

Returns Management

Thill Inc’s unique returns management approach will help keep customer satisfaction high, allowing you to manage returns efficiently and hassle-free.

Nothing upsets a customer more than a return that isn’t processed correctly or refunded immediately.

Resolve now how you intend to handle returns from beginning to end.

First, you need to decide what your return policy will be.

Some companies offer an extended return policy, but sellers need to evaluate whether that make sense for them based on the costs associated with their business model, product and price point.

Other companies leave returns to the discretion of their customer service team, based on the quality of the return and the circumstance for it.

Once you decide what the policies will be for returns, you need to instruct your warehousing staff about how you want returns executed on the inventory side, including which items are eligible for refurbishment.

An effective, reliable and predictable returns process allows you to recover the value of the product and saves you money in the long run. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to interact with the customer and transform a return into an exchange.

Product Refurbishment

What you do with a returned product determines how it will affect the bottom line.

Thill’s specialized team of Product Refurbishment professionals can renew and repackage returned product to maximize value.

From apparel, jewelry, electronics, household goods, to appliances, we have the tools and experience to professionally revitalize goods and can even show you how to effectively incorporate them into your marketing strategy.