Amazon Integration Solutions

If growing your sales through Amazon is a fundamental component of your business, Thill Inc. gives you the essentials to work with Amazon services, provide multi-channel Amazon integration and see your entire enterprise with clarity.

Navigating Amazon fulfillment services can be daunting. We can help with a full range of support services for both Seller and Vendor Central. Moreover, we provide a centralizedamazon logo hub for fulfillment activity across all your selling channels. With Thill Inc, you have the benefit of a top 3PL provider managing your Amazon fulfillment services. We will meet deadlines, maintain operational performance and integrate Amazon inventory management into one centralized platform.


Direct selling with Amazon through Amazon Seller Central can open the door to new revenue streams. Thill Inc. can support you by supplying a complete suite of Amazon fulfillment service functions.

Thill Inc. has an automated interface with Amazon to pick-up orders through APIs. This includes:

  • Order Induction:  Thill Inc. syncs every few minutes to retrieve orders from Amazon. Thill Inc. then processes and ships packages according to their compliance rules.
  • Inventory Feeds:  Thill Inc. sends updated values back to Amazon to ensure inventory synchronicity.  If orders come in from your website or other channel partners the perpetual inventory is updated to provide correct product inventory counts at all times.
  • Order Confirmation Services:  Thill Inc. will automatically send the order confirmation back to Amazon with all product tracking. Customers will be delighted with the performance of our shipping services.
  • International Distribution:  Thill Inc. can ship to Amazon fulfillment distribution centers around the world.
  • Customer Service: To ensure customer satisfaction, Thill Inc. provides rapid feedback to any inquiries


Thill Inc. offers you the ability to ship product directly to an Amazon warehouse.  We connect to the Amazon vendor central system, to manage orders and prepare shipments in compliance with Amazon fulfillment service guidelines. Thill Inc. will create the routing requests and can invoice on your behalf.

Below are most of the common Vendor Central integration services we perform:

  • Generation of ASN’s (Advance Shipping Notifications):  We send notifications through the Amazon portal that the shipment is ready for pick-up.
  • Invoicing Amazon Orders:  Thill Inc. will generate invoices to Amazon through their Portal after the shipment has left the dock, noting tracking and product related information are appropriately accounted for and auditable.
  • Multiple Shipping Options:   We can support all of the required shipping methods through your Prepaid Postage Account for shipping goods to an Amazon warehouse.


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