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What Is Supply Chain Management

What Is Supply Chain Management?

What Is Supply Chain Management? Supply Chain Management (SCM) refers to all the different activities you’re going to need to plan, control and execute the complete journey of a product, this includes purchasing raw materials, production, and the distribution that includes the customer receiving an order – the end goal of getting it done in…

Product Returns

Product Returns And How To Avoid Them

Product returns will always be an important key process for ecommerce and retail operations. Product returns are a retail term used to describe when a customer returns a product they purchased. Product returns are part of the order fulfillment. If you don’t have a system in place for product returns, it can be a big black…

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Omnichannel Marketing: Here’s What You Should Know

Omnichannel Marketing: What Is It And How It Can Grow Sales Updated: 08-30-2021 Although omnichannel marketing is relatively a new industry term, it’s one we know well in fulfillment and distribution. Omnichannel, also called omni-channel, is a multi-channel approach to sales where the goal is to provide customers with a great shopping experience no matter…